Sermon Series Graphics Give Away

Steven Fogg —  September 6, 2010

I'm passionate about helping other churches who may not have the same resources that we have at Crossway communicate well. I especially want to equip the small church part-time Pastor that is overworked and under resourced. To that end my team has developed a two volume set of sermon series graphics which we will be releasing at the Crossway Conference later this month. 

This two volume set has 20 different sermon series graphics (stills). They represent more than two years worth of blood, sweat and tears (also known as very hard work from myself and my team ;-)

I'm giving two copies of both volumes this week.

Complete these two simple steps and it could be yours:

1) Retweet this message or post it to your Facebook wall: @Stevefogg is giving away 20 sermon series graphics on his blog

2) Leave a comment below including your Twitter handle or Facebook link, email address so I can contact you if you are one of the winners. (It would be great to hear from you on how it could help you in what you do. But not essential)

I'll be announcing the winner on late Saturday 12th September Monday 13th September 2010 on this post (EST Australia Time. Early Saturday for most of you in Europe and the U.S.A).

Oh, before I forget, there is a brilliant list of great free sermon graphics from different churches here.

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Steven Fogg


36 responses to Sermon Series Graphics Give Away

  1. always looking for good sermon helps for the artistically challenged @andycoller

  2. Why haven’t I found you before??
    Our church is mainly over-70s, and even the “younger” ones don’t know how to use computers or the net to help grow the church, further the kingdom, communicate with each other,etc.
    I am trying desperately to bring our church out of the 1950s and it is SUCH hard work.
    Your work could make a MASSIVE difference to the way we do things.
    Thanks for sharing. A church like ours needs people like you to help us move forward.

  3. Hi Steve
    Thanks for the giveaway. It’s great for large churches to help us smaller ones.

  4. Thanks for thinking of smaller churches that would love to have the creative juice but are scraping buy on very few $, a little volunteer time and prayer.

  5. Hey foggy,
    Great to still be getting advice from u after all these years,I really appreciate the stuff you share- Brian Holden

  6. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Twitter: jasonrmoye

  8. This is a great idea! Thanks!

  9. The church being generous is the church at its best! Thanks for the chance to receive this huge help, especially for those of us in smaller churches. Hope to connect via twitter as well (@philmorgan).

  10. Thank you for sharing your hard work!
    Twitter: willieharris

  11. This is something we could really use at our church. Thanks for doing this @stevecrenshaw on twitter and facebook.

  12. Twitter: @machroi
    Thanks Steve – we’ve just started at a newish church, and I’m hoping to get more involved in media/communication with them…stuff like this is invaluable & inspirational for people like myself.

  13. Would be GREAT for a church plant,as we have no computer equipment

  14. Doing a new church plant. Could really use this!

  15. I love your heart for helping other churches!
    twitter @davidApatrick

  16. Thanks so much for your hard work to put this project together, and especially for your heart to help others!
    We most certainly would have tremendous use for this in our collegiate church plant! Anything media-related works on our campus!
    Thanks again!

    I pastor a small church. Don’t have a staff, so would appreciate this little app a great deal!

  18. Thanks for thinking of those of us that don’t have a staff of graphic designers to help. BTW I so enjoy reading your posts, but I always seem to crave a latte at the wrong hour of the day :) @debanto

    God is doing great things here at FBC Valley Springs, Its encouraging to see other churches help one another, thats what its all about. We would love to have your software so we could incorporate in in our worship guides, and morning worship, it would be very much appreciated. thank! :)

  20. In our young and growing church, all of our design is done by volunteers who work really hard at making our designs shine. With an emphasis an excellence and reaching our community for Christ, a little fresh perspective and help in this area is always appreciate.
    Check us out at:
    Twitter name: @dustinpead

  21. I am a “small church part-time Pastor.” This type of resource would be HUGE in impacting the wonderful people I pastor. Thanks for this incredible opportunity!

  22. I am a rural bi-vocational pastor on the prairie of western Kansas for 30+ years. Thanks for thinking of us and I appreciate your offer.

  23. Great these would make our Worship look great. God Bless @MichaelAust

  24. Thanks!
    @jonwellman – Not a Camouflaged Soul

  25. @kwdumas
    Andy said it well. I’m in much the same situation, and would love to get some help. Mega thanks!

  26. Ordained minister with a B.A. in Bible and Religion, Going to Seminary for M-Div, Founded Word Touch Ministries in 2009, the ministry is registered in the state I live in. We minister on the internet and also evangelize wherever needed.
    Our home church is Brand New Church and our Pastor is Shannon O’Dell. I am an intern at BNC at our Main Campus in Bergman, AR. My wife and I have been married since November 17, 2005. We worship the lord with every part of our being.
    Facebook ID is: Evangelist Dwayne

  27. Retweeted at
    Thanks for running a contest like this for ministries like ours!

  28. Great giveaway! Our designer is our very overworked adult ministries pastor. This would be a fantastic resource for us.
    Tweeted at:

  29. DONE!
    Thanks for all your hard work for the Kingdom and the little contest! Very cool!
    I am in my last week of internship at a local church in Grand Rapids, MI and next week I start as Communications Manager with a local company that works with churches nationally to help challenge their youth, this would help me hit the ground running!
    Thanks again!

  30. Ain’t to proud to ask ( beg) for our church, any thing that helps church planters is appreciated. 4 years in Laveen, AZ ( I know you’re all saying where? Laveen is in the west valley of Phoenix, I grew up here and never heard of it. Laveen was beginning to boom before the bottom dropped out of the market, we got in just before the drop. Love our city, our community, the people at our church, always looking for inexpensive ways to take the same message to a new world. We can’t act like the big churches but with the gift of the big churches, we can be the best we can!!
    thanks! pick me

  31. Small church pastor in Grand Junction, CO. Full-time pastor, part-time pay. Thanks for your heart for the kingdom.

  32. Steve, I’m helping out in a church with an ageing membership, trying to bring relevance to the community – some quality graphics would help get the message across! Thanks, Simon Brown @skytrystsjoy