5 Church Facebook Landing Pages I “Like”

Steve Fogg —  November 2, 2011 — 10 Comments

Custom church facebook landing page

I love seeing churches use social media effectively. Many have their wall as the first page you see which I don’t quite understand given the capabilities of Facebook pages. A small number of churches seem to be creating custom landing pages which I REALLY like. (I recently wrote a step by step guide about how you can create your own custom Facebook page). 

I could type of hours on why I love each one of these pages. I particularly love the use of video and how they drive you to the church’s website. Here are the five pages that I really like in no particular order:

Saddleback Church

Saddleback Facebook PageLifeChurch.tv

Lifechurch.tv facebook page

Northpoint Community Church

Northpoint community church

Crossway Church

Crossway Facebook Page


Fellowship Church

Fellowship church Facebook page


Have you created or seen a custom church landing page? Drop a link below. (Don’t forget to check out my step by step guide for creating a custom landing page.)

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10 responses to 5 Church Facebook Landing Pages I “Like”

  1. I’ve created quite a few Facebook landing pages, one being for a church. It’s nothing as fancy as what you put above, simply because they didn’t have video or audio clips, and their web site was one of those Clover sites where you input your text and personal pictures and you’re done.

    Still, I thought it looked good.

  2. Here’s a link to Grace Hills’ page, which also utilizes many of your recommendations (forgive the transition from the ugly orange to our soon-coming greenish design).

    • Thanks Brandon, I’ll have a look!

    • Brandon, your video is so awesome! I love the invitational nature of it. Is the app that powers it free? The only small comment I’d make is that you give people a lot of options. You may want to reduce their options down some more. I’d also make the call to action to “like” a bit stronger at the top of the page.

  3. Very catchy title. I “Like” it a lot.

  4. i actually had the pleasure of working with 2 of these churches (saddleback and fellowship) on their social media facebook landing pages as well as working with tdjakes facebook.com/tdjministries and I enjoy seeing how social media is used to advance ministries. The use of video is what takes them to the next level, and as you said, the links back to their website to help people get resources and acclimated to the ministry.

  5. I have tried to add some pages to our Facebook page. My concern is that all that work is lost if someone accesses the page on a mobile device or on the app.

    Any suggestions?

    • Good question Kevin, I think there is a limitation of what App’s can do when a user is visiting from another type of device such as a mobile or a tablet device. I’ll have to investigate that one. Let me know if you turn anything up.

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