Top 12 Reasons You Visited My Blog In 2012

Steve Fogg —  December 18, 2012 — 3 Comments

Top 12 Reasons you visited my blog in 2012

I’ve been blogging for a few years now and it’s been an absolute honour to resource you. My goal has been to equip and improve how churches and non-profits communicate with their audiences. This year people from 79 countries around the world visited the blog. It’s a very humbling feeling to know that you are reading this and hopefully doing something with what I write about.

Every year I take a blog ‘health check’ to see what you find the most useful. I’ve asked you a few questions at the end of this post. Please drop in a comment as I want to know how I can serve you in 2013. Here are the top 12 posts/reasons why you came to my blog in 2012.

The Top 12 Reasons You Visited My Blog 2012

1) 12 Social Media Tips For Church Leaders

2) How I Got 100% More Engagement On My Facebook Updates

3) 10 Common Branding Mistakes That Churches Make

4) My Top Church Websites This Easter

5) 10 Stunning Examples of Christmas Branding From Around The World

6) 3 Reasons Why Your Church Should Have A Mobile Website (& 11 Eye-Popping Examples)

7) How I Created A Facebook Landing Page For Free (And You Can Too)

8) How To Find Your Brand Voice

9) 4 Free Apps That Will Help You Build Your Facebook Landing Page

11) What Kony 2012 Can Teach Non-Profits About Marketing

12) 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Your Social Media Strategy

And I’ve put in a bonus post below!

13) How Churches Use Social Media

Your turn!

As I said my heart is to serve and resource church leaders, communication directors and non-profits. I invest a significant amount in writing these posts. I really would like to hear back from you:

How can I best serve you?

What are your biggest communications problems that you need help with?

What topics/focus would you like to see more of on this blog?

I’m thinking of setting up a small communications coaching network next year. Would you be interested?

Drop a comment below please.

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3 responses to Top 12 Reasons You Visited My Blog In 2012

  1. Hi Steve,

    As I mentioned the other day I’ve been loving your blog, as someone who as accidently fallen into communications I’ve found it a really helpful resource.

    What I’d love to see is some stuff that’s more applicable to smaller churches. The stuff I see on your site is often targetted at big churches with big staffing levels and big budgets, the trouble I have is working out what is realistic for me to achieve in my spare time and what I should make a priority. So I’d really love your thoughts on what small churches should aiming for, what they should be prioritising in terms of comms, it might not be actual activities but it might just be good to provide a thought process that people should go through. Anyway Im sure you can make something of that garble!

    Re your coaching network it sounds like a great idea, not sure if I’ll be able to particpate via correspondence but if I could I’d love to be involved :)

    Thanks for all the effort you put in and take heart that its definantly appreciated!

    • Hi Rowan,

      Great feedback. Thanks! Can you tell me specifically what kind of help smaller churches need or your’s specifically? That would help me in the content of the writing.

      I plan to do the coaching via skype calls…

      • Apologies for the late reply! For me I have an hour a week where I can do stuff in my spare time to help serve my church with comms stuff, the problem is I don’t know how to best spend my time. Everything I’ve done to date has just been haphazard, seen a need and tried to do something to fix it, but surely there is a better way! Is their a way I can prioritise activities? Im sure there is some strategic thinking that goes into good communications :)

        I think generally small churches have little expertise or budget for comms stuff. So some sound thinking about where to start, what we could/should spend money on etc would be great.

        Hope that helps, im probably a bit vague because I don’t really know what Im talking about :)

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