The Ridiculously Exhaustive Social Media Design Blueprint For Churches

Steve Fogg —  July 3, 2013 — 6 Comments

social media tips for churches

I recently led three social media seminars in for churches in England and one here in Australia for Willow Creek Australia. In those seminars I gave everyone 10 minutes to write down their top five questions they have about social media. One of the questions that came up was about sizing for photos on different platforms. I’ve been thinking about putting one together, then I saw this brilliant infographic below.

So instead of reinventing the wheel, here is the infographic  from the generous crew at Tent Social who created it (I love passing on good quality content). If you think it’s useful, please share it with your social network. You can click on the buttons on the left or below.

*UPDATE* Tent’s site crashed today so I had to import the infographic as a jpeg. Sorry for those that couldn’t see it earlier. No kilobytes were harmed in this *UPDATE*

The Ridiculously Exhaustive Social Media Design Blueprint For Churches

Social Media Design Dimensions – An infographic by the team at Social Media Design Dimensions 

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6 responses to The Ridiculously Exhaustive Social Media Design Blueprint For Churches

  1. Really want to see that infographic. It will be helpful content. But the images are not loading on your page or the TentSocial page. Just wondering if others are having this problem….

  2. maybe i’m the only one but every link i click takes me to their page and says error 404 and i can’t see what’s embedded. would love this resource! thanks :)

  3. Thanks for the rundown– helps to have them all in one place ;-)

    I would add, though, that the current G+ cover image specs are 1060 x 596 px, with Google putting a 150px high translucent dark gradient on the bottom… I think the specs in the infographic, while correct at one time, have since been changed…

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