3 Social Media Tips That Will Help You Promote Your Easter Services

Steve Fogg —  March 20, 2014 — 2 Comments


Easter presentations and services are not far away. For most church communications departments it’s deadline time for design, websites, invitations, social media, videos and whatever else is in your communications toolbox to promote your Easter experience.

Social media is just one of the many channels to get your message out there to the wider community. I recently wrote about the seismic shift in social media which is a must read along side this post if you have any questions about paying for social media.

Tip #1: Invest in your promotions

I promote all our invitational style posts for large events. So far I’ve only paid to promote it to our existing followers on Facebook. Depending on the post style it may also pay to advertise wider than your existing audience. The reason why I pay to advertise on Facebook is that it guarantees that our message is seen above the noise of the platform.

Here’s an example from last Christmas:


Tip #2: Go behind the scenes

Take your audience behind the scenes of your Easter services/production. Take photos and share the story on how it is being created. This can include your cast, characters, tech guys, musicians, you name it. See 11 imaginative examples here.

Tip #3: Encourage your volunteers to share their experience

Getting your message through your corporate social media feed is great, but it is even better when your volunteers share their experience from the 1st rehearsal to the final production/service. See 11 imaginative examples here.

NB: My buddy Josh Burns has a great post over on his blog with some other great ideas about how to promote your Easter services.

There are of course many more tips in my tool box. But I’ve run out of time! Drop a tip below if you have one or ask a question now.

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