what is a brand?

Welcome to the first post in the ‘ultimate guide to branding’ blog series. We have to start somewhere so I am going to share with you some branding basics. It’s a branding 101 class if you like. We are all pretty savvy when it comes to brands but do we really know what a brand is?

Whether you are a not for profit or a business, you all have a brand, and you all need to understand how branding can help you in what you do. If you can’t define what a brand is how will you ever define how to position your brand (We’ll talk about brand positioning in another post soon and it’s importance).  Continue Reading…

Why I Don’t Care About You

Steve Fogg —  October 25, 2011 — 7 Comments

I don’t care about you. I really, really don’t. Continue Reading…

Word of Mouth Marketing

I remember when I brought my first iPhone. I was the first person to buy one at my work. I remember giving it to my IT guy to set up my email. He did it within a minute. He was very impressed. Word soon spread that it was easy to get email set up on these new phones called iPhones. Before the iPhone connecting to our work email through the different mobile devices was difficult. The iPhone changed everything. The power of word of mouth changed everything. Almost everyone in my office now has an iPhone. Many of those people have iPads. Some of us including me have Macs.

Continue Reading…

social media tips

I love seeing what others are doing around the web in social media. I also love learning from the experts in this field of social communication and social marketing. Here are eight tips, some of them will take you an hour to read through literally so curl up on the couch. Switch off any distractions and enjoy! Continue Reading…

Ultimate guide to branding

I’m starting a new blog series today called ‘the ultimate guide to branding’ (I was thinking about calling it branding for dummies, but then I thought – lets aim a little higher eh? :-)). In this series I’ll share with you what I’ve learnt over 20 years working in graphic design, advertising, PR and marketing. It won’t have dull and boring scientific definitions, I’m going to keep it real to your work world and mine. I’ll dive deeper (hopefully) in an engaging way that will help you understand how to utilise it effectively in what you do in your world. Continue Reading…

the growth of social media

Social Media growth is off the charts. It is changing the way we communicate on a personal level and on a professional level. It is changing the way corporations, brands and non-profits interact with their customers and support bases. Have a look at the infographic below and leave a comment about what stands out to you in the context you are in.  Continue Reading…

google+ PR

Yesterday a Google+ engineer mistakenly hit the wrong buttons on his keyboard in a message that was meant for Google staff ended up being posted to his Google+ page (Check out the full post here). I don’t know about you but there have been times when I have typed a response on email to something I didn’t like but after the initial vent I have deleted the email and approached the person directly. Phew! (By the way come and say hello on my google+ page).

Here are 5 PR lessons I think we can all learn out of this: Continue Reading…

Come Join Us For Twitter Chat

Steve Fogg —  October 13, 2011 — 9 Comments

Twitter chat is on again. We’ll chat about communications, branding, web, social media, creativity and anything else that you can think of!

Who is it for?: Pastors, Not for profit leaders, communications peeps, designers, creatives, web designers

Date: THIS Friday in Australia, THIS Thursday everywhere else!


Melbourne: Friday 1pm;

Los Angeles: Thursday 6pm;
New York: Thursday 9pm,

London: Friday 2am (sorry!)

The conversation will be 1/2 hour in length, feel free to hang out afterwards.

Topic: What you would like us all to talk about? comment below!

Hashtag: #cmsucks

Got topics you think we should cover? Comment below

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Box Hill Institute have created a short video that gives Australians some great social media statistics and facts from a local perspective. While it’s already one year old it’s got some great statistics that will help you in your digital strategy.

Two statistics that stood out for me: Continue Reading…

How do you measure the ROI on your social media presence?

How do you measure the ROI on your social media presence?

Social media and it’s return on investment (ROI) is an often a contentious issue. Especially when some don’t understand the value that social media can bring. Below is a great info-graphic that will help you define how to measure the ROI on your own social media strategy and explain it to others in terms that they will understand.

Here are some metrics I use that you can use to measure your effectiveness: Continue Reading…