Back from my holiday break

Steve Fogg —  February 3, 2012 — 2 Comments

We're all going on a summer holiday

Hello everyone! I’m back from my holiday blogging break where I promised myself to spend the whole month of January without blogging to focus on my family and work. In Australia the Christmas break is also the extended summer vacation break where everyone heads to the beach.

I think its paid dividends. I hope. Here are a few things that I’ve been up to during that time:

• Over the Christmas period I had the honour of preaching at Crossway Church. (Now you may know me as a marketing/communications guy, but I do really enjoying preaching. You can watch the sermon here, click on week two.)

• I went Instagram crazy on holiday. Here is a picture of the stream running next to our camp site. We camped in the only cold week in summer where it hailed.

• My communications team put the finishing touches to an interactive foyer project we launch THIS weekend on iPads. The project will help our community get connected into community and volunteer simply and easily.

• We also delivered the pilot site of FollowMe – A discipleship project. Big thanks to the team at Details Communications.

• I’ve just starting writing a few guest blog posts for Church Marketing Sucks.

• My blog branding background has also gone on holiday and not returned. It should be a rather tasty black graphic but it’s reverted to grey. Sigh.

• I’ve been thinking about what’s next. Hmm.

How about you. What have you been up to?


more facebook engagement

I attended a brilliant online free seminar last week hosted by Darren Rowse, Facebook expert Amy Porterfield and Lewis Howes about improving your Facebook marketing. Normally these types of ‘free’ seminars make hyperbolic claims in their marketing and I run a million miles in the opposite direction, rolling my eyes and tut-tutting all the way back into the depths of my office. But this one didn’t. It seemed quite sensible in the claims in their marketing.

To be honest. I trust Darren. After being attending a few of his events and having bought a few of his books I now know that you can be assured that his projects will deliver what they claim to offer.  Unlike many Probloggers, Darren is thankfully free of over-promising and comes across as a really honest guy that knows quite a bit about the online space.

Man-crush over and done with. Back to the topic at hand. Continue Reading…


What is your church doing this year?

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year. I really enjoy seeing how churches creatively present the Christmas story on their website. Each year I do a bit of a review of some websites that I can find in the short time I have to blog. Here are eight of my favourite websites: Continue Reading…

Custom church facebook landing page

I had a huge response recently when I wrote about how created my own Facebook landing page. I had such fun making my own Facebook page that I thought I would create a simple step by step guide so that anyone could do it. If you know me you’ll know that I’m really cheap ;-). I really do like a bargin and because I’m a blogger with no budget, I especially love getting things for free. During my search to find the right solution to develop my own Facebook landing page I found some very tasty free Facebook App’s whichI thought I would do a short review of them and tell you what I think. Continue Reading…

The Most Powerful Form Of Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is the single most powerful form of marketing on the planet today. I’ve written about it before so it should be no surprise that I’m repeating myself :-) I am a raving fan.  Continue Reading…

I love research. Why? Because I think out of good research comes increased understanding and an increased ability to connect with your primary target audience. That is why I particularly like the research about ‘what Australians think of Christian faith’ commissioned by Olive Tree Media and conducted by Mccrindle research.

Continue Reading…

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse for Qantas. Their brand took a further nose dive today (excuse the pun). They had a go at relaunching their battered reputation though starting a competition on Twitter on the day after their negotiations broke down with their airline pilots.

Really bad timing.  Continue Reading…


Below is a great info-graphic about socializing your brand. What I love about these tips are that they can be applied in almost any organisation. Profit or non-profit. It doesn’t matter. All you need to have is a desire to be a brilliant social brand. This is a great ‘in house’ tool which can serve as a starting point for developing your own best-in-class practice through creating an authentic social brand for your organisation. Here are my takeaways: Continue Reading…

Used Car Salesman?

Would you trust this guy?

How do you tell others about your organisation? If you are a retail business which has a lot of foot traffic outside the store it would make sense to have a guy or girl handing out flyers. I have been walking past one of these stores only to see this person several metres infront of me, I will move to the other side of the footpath to avoid them and try not to make eye contact with them. If they still hold out a flyer for me I will shake my head before they even have a chance to say anything. It doesn’t just happen in the profit world. I’ve seen people in the non profit world at conferences and in shopping centres do the same thing.

Continue Reading…

Brand in Digital Meltdown

I love ice cream. Stike that. I love great ice cream.

Some would say I am an ice cream snob. It’s 100% true. I’m a sucker for premium brands. The packaging. The taste. The whole experience. But here is what happened to me when I returned and tried Homer Hudson ice cream in 16 years. Continue Reading…