Easter is a great time to be inspired by the creativity coming from other churches. As I look online and see what other churches around the world are creating on their websites to promote their Easter services I’m amazed at the talent out there. I love the strategy, creativity and work that communication peeps, designers, videographers put into crafting a great online experience for Easter. Continue Reading…

A Game Of Social Thrones

Steve Fogg —  April 7, 2014 — 2 Comments

No a social winter isn’t coming.

Jon Snow still knows nothing.

I’m hoping that Hootsuite’s clients always pay their debts.

Watch and enjoy this social app trying to leverage social momentum off #Gameofthrones launch this week.



Creating Easter videos for church is such a challenge and joy. Crossway’s Easter presentation this year is called ‘RED’. Our challenge was to create a trailer that will invoke interest and preview the essence of the Easter story from the presentation. For some, Easter is a heavy and for somber time. We wanted to catch the gravitas and drama of the time without it being depressing or overbearing.

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We live in the social age where we have so many social choices. Because of the multitude of choices, one question I get from churches, non-profits and businesses is ‘Where should I start?’ Good question. It’s not the same for everyone, and here’s why. Continue Reading…


Easter presentations and services are not far away. For most church communications departments it’s deadline time for design, websites, invitations, social media, videos and whatever else is in your communications toolbox to promote your Easter experience.

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Top church logo designs

I think I’ve seen just about every church logo there is. Good or bad design, inspirational and creative. You name it. I’ve seen it. I think the best logos are distinctive, memorable, scalable and simple enough to use in different environments.

A logo or brand-mark though is only the tip of the branding iceberg. What wraps around the logo is just as important.  Continue Reading…

social media tips

The Oscars is a global showbiz event. Love it or hate it, there are many social media tips churches and church leaders can take away from this live event because it has leveraged social media to amplify their reach well beyond the live TV audience.  Continue Reading…

On Social Media, Brands Have Target Moments. Not A Target Market

Insightful quote from #Twitter


One great recurring theme about social media is change. Change is constant and swift. If your social media plan was written in 2013 can may already be out of date with all of the recent shifts that have been going on. I have seen a many changes over the last year on social media, but there is one dramatic seismic shift that I want you to be able to plan for in social media that is coming in 2014/2015.

Is it a new social network? No, at least not this week. Has Facebook been sold to Murdoch already? Nope. This seismic shift will have more impact on you than any other change you will need to make if you are a church or non-profit. Continue Reading…

“The Best Marketing Doesn’t Feel Like Marketing” – Tom Fishburne


Marketing Insight Of The Year?