Focus Conference

I’m honoured to be part of a group collaborating to get the first purely one day church visual arts/communications conference in Melbourne off the ground.

This is a straight out plug. I fully endorse this message ;-)

The conference is called Focus and is for designers, communicators, videographers and church leaders. Okay, anyone who is around and passionate about communicating the gospel through the visual medium. It’s going to inspire you and hopefully give you a few tips too!

If you know someone, or are involved in this area come along. It’s very affordable ($25). Register today here and find out who is speaking. More speakers are being announced all the time.

I don’t make this request often at all, please click on the social media buttons below to share this on your social networks and let’s all play a part in spreading the love. It will be worth it.


What Church Marketing Isn’t

Steve Fogg —  August 29, 2013 — 1 Comment


Sometimes when we use the words church and marketing in the same sentence it can leave many people feeling cold. Continue Reading…

“Work from your identity. Not for your identity”

Self-Leadership Tip


I recently did some social media seminars for churches in England and with Willow Creek Australia down under. (Loved doing them!) One of the coolest things I did was to have the attendees to brainstorm the different kinds of posts their church could share their story on their own social media presence. Continue Reading…

“Productivity isn’t about doing lots of things. It’s about doing the right things.” Dave Rhodes

Leadership Tip

Social media myths

I love community wisdom. We are collectively better off when we are learning and listening to one another. I especially love learning from others when it comes to my pet passion – social media.

This week I was part of the regular Church Social Media Twitter chat (follow the hashtag: #chsocm) and a great question came up ‘What are the greatest myths/falsehoods about social media & church?’ I thought the answers were so good that they were worthy of sharing with you. Check out below the 17 social media myths that you must do everything to avoid. Continue Reading…

“We need artists that don’t tell their own story, but tell The Story that needs to be told” Erwin McManus at Sparc Conference

Thought Of The Day – Erwin McManus


Social media is a brilliant opportunity for your church or non-profit to communicate with existing or new audiences in a way that no other communication channel allows. The traditional gatekeepers of media aren’t there. Social media is the digital campfire of today. Being around for a while I’ve seen some use social media really well and unfortunately some use it really badly. Here are 22 common mistakes most churches & non-profits make on social media: Continue Reading…


What I’m about to share with you are two of the most common mistakes I see in church communications. It is like we can be locked in via the Death Star’s tractor beam on this course towards this mistake and nothing in the rebel force’s communications star fleet can help us (Yes I’ve done it).

Continue Reading…


I’ve been blogging about communications, marketing and social media for churches since 2009. I remember starting on TypePad with no code experience and very little web design chops. I remember being so excited at finally investing my own money in this domain name and swapping over to WordPress. Continue Reading…