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Focus Conference

I’m honoured to be part of a group collaborating to get the first purely one day church visual arts/communications conference in Melbourne off the ground.

This is a straight out plug. I fully endorse this message ;-)

The conference is called Focus and is for designers, communicators, videographers and church leaders. Okay, anyone who is around and passionate about communicating the gospel through the visual medium. It’s going to inspire you and hopefully give you a few tips too!

If you know someone, or are involved in this area come along. It’s very affordable ($25). Register today here and find out who is speaking. More speakers are being announced all the time.

I don’t make this request often at all, please click on the social media buttons below to share this on your social networks and let’s all play a part in spreading the love. It will be worth it.


Church communications change up

In church communications our focus can often be around large-scale broadcast communication. Sometimes when we communicate we only add to the noise and clutter that is going on around our various audiences. Today’s post is a relatively short post, but I want to give you an example of really effective communication that cut through the clutter of my day.  Continue Reading…

Check out my guest blog post for Church Marketing Sucks about implementing way finding for your church


What first impression do you want to leave with visitors to your website? Photo credit

Did you know that your church website is the digital front porch to your church? Continue Reading…


How do you cut through when people tune out?

How do you cut through when people tune out?

Communications can a very tough gig at times. But church or non-profit communications can be the toughest. Shoestring budgets. Even tighter staffing levels. When you succeed you can feel like you are walking on cloud nine. It’s amazing.

But what happens when you just don’t seem to be getting through? What do you do when you just start to contribute to the noise in people’s lives rather than helping changing them?  Continue Reading…

church communications schedule

It’s a Monday morning. The Sunday service was brilliant, high fives were being given out all around. Everything seemed to go as you thought it would. Until that moment when your colleague, or even worse, your boss walks into your office and says ‘why didn’t we promote/talk about this yesterday?’

You just want the a hole in the ground to open up and swallow you up. You feel your face becoming flushed, a hundred excuses come to the tip of your tongue and your memory for some strange reason finds that this is the perfect time to replay that conversation you had about what they wanted to promote in your mind.

Ever been there?  Continue Reading…


Social media can be used in many imaginative ways by churches to engage with their audiences. I’ve chosen to show you 11 examples from Facebook, but you can use Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. It doesn’t really matter which social network you use as long as long as you are actively engaged on it. I’ve written before about how to engage on social media before. I strongly recommend you read this before you put any creative tactics in place for your church on your social media platform of choice. Continue Reading…


I love seeing the creative and technical chops that goes into communicating Christmas in different churches around the world on the web. Here are a few of my favourites that different churches have been creating to promote their various Christmas experiences. I’m sure you have one you love which may not be on this list. If you do, drop a short comment and a link for us all to look at!

Continue Reading…

Kem.meyer.interview church communications

Earlier this week I had the honour and privilege of speaking with Kem Meyer. Kem is the Communications Director for Granger Community Church in Indiana.  Continue Reading…

church communications director

I often wonder what other Communications Director’s work days look like. From chatting with a few of you they all seem different. Every Communications Director who serves in a church seems to have a different strength which helps shape their week. I thought I would share what my last week looked like. Continue Reading…