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Some marketing genius from Alabama Life-Savers Ministry had this brilliant idea to quote Adolf Hitler to promote their church. See the tweet below that captured this ringing endorsement for churches everywhere.  Continue Reading…

Check out my guest blog post for Church Marketing Sucks about implementing way finding for your church

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As you will know if you are a frequent reader on this blog, how social media is used by the Church has been on my heart for a while. I follow different churches social media feeds to learn and grow. There are some however that I follow that aren’t doing so well. Unfortunately if they were a patient I would say they are on life support and the nurse has just called ‘code blue’. They are more woe than whoa.

The paradox here is that a church’s social media presence is one of the key ‘front facing’ touch-points that any church can have. Wouldn’t we all want it to be the best that it can be? Below are seven tips that I hope help churches that need to kick-start their social media presence:

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I’ve been around Twitter and Facebook for quite a while now and more recently Instagram. If I could hit the rewind button on some of the things I’ve done really badly I would. I’ve seen many church leaders use social media really well. However some pastors and leaders have well, ahem, sucked at it to be honest (myself included at times). Some haven’t understood what social media really is and how to get maximum leverage from it.

Social media is a wonderful opportunity for church leaders, para-church leaders to build a platform of social influence that can extend well beyond the four walls of a Sunday experience. For example, it’s an opportunity for your congregations to see what you do beyond Sundays during the week. It is also a savvy way for your church to move beyond the corporate church Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts and put a human and personal touch to everything that is social about the mission and vision of your church. This is an exciting opportunity not just for your senior leader but your whole church staff in personalising your church’s social media influence.

If you are a church communications pro please pass these tips onto your church staff and leaders. Social media is simply the best way to extend and amplify your church’s voice.

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I’ve seen this mistake happen too many times. Anyone and everyone is vulnerable.

Businesses. Non-profits. Churches. We can all fall into this trap.

It’s a mistake that is so obvious, so easy to avoid that you’d think by now, no one could ever be so stupid to let it happen, yet it does.  Continue Reading…

I’m really excited about being invited to speak at the 2012 Christian Media Conference on the Gold Coast in May. I’m excited for 4 HUGE reasons: Continue Reading…

I had a great time this morning (Australian time) hosting the first Church Marketing Sucks Twitter Chat. We had a group of around 12 people commenting, more probably watching the stream.

Here are just a few of the highlights, feel free to add your comments below:

@ChrisWardYoung: :Context , content, knowing your market and being clear are what works for any comms – church or not” #cmsucks

Measuring radio ROI is nearly impossible IMO, but you can gauge increased web traffic or inquiries #cmsucks Continue Reading…

One of the biggest issues I've observed since working in the church world is our obsession to develop mission and vision statements. Hear me right, I don't think that having a mission or vision statement is a bad thing. But often those statements don't reflect the reality of what is really going on in the church. They are just words, without much action.

To put it another way churches can place more emphasis on preaching/teaching the mission statement, rather than simply living it out. In some messages there is no practical application or spiritual direction to do something.

Some churches are telling their congregations, rather than simply leading by doing. There needs to be less talk and more action.

In marketing speak we would say that the brand positioning isn't reflected in the brand promise.

I read this great post from Harvard Business Review today which reminded me of this. Well worth a read.

There was once a time when Microsoft was the big guy. Darth Vader. The dark side of the force. Apple by comparison was the little guy – Luke Skywalker, our only hope…

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Four communication principles from that I took away when Chris Brogan visited church online

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