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What The Best Church Websites Do

Steve Fogg —  September 11, 2014 — 8 Comments

Best Church Websites

I was recently listening to an Andy Stanley Leadership podcast where Andy talked about ownership. Andy told the story about where he walks around this church and picks up the rubbish as he finds it. Eventually his staff who were meeting with him hired a cleaner not only to help him focus on the meeting, but also because they realised that the rubbish was being cleaned because Andy owned every level of responsibility. Not just at the higher levels of leadership. But all levels. If he saw something was wrong. He helped fix it where he could. What Andy probably also knew was how people would react coming into his church seeing rubbish in the corridors.

Andy knows that first impressions really, really matter. In the first few seconds those visitors will form an opinion about his church. And its the same for your church both in your physical location and online. Continue Reading…

Church website hosting

Is WordPress or Hosted CMS solution right for your church? (Photo credit)

Earlier this week I wrote a post on Church Marketing Sucks – What’s best for your church website? WordPress or Hosted CMS? I was explaining the journey and decisions we have been making over the last 6 months in choosing our web platform for our own church website. There are important tactical reasons why we have made the decision to switch. However, there are many good hosted CMS solutions that offer church web hosting, have the right features and functionality which have design templates ready to go when you want them.

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What first impression do you want to leave with visitors to your website? Photo credit

Did you know that your church website is the digital front porch to your church? Continue Reading…


Easter is a very special time of year for Christians like myself. I’m also filled with awe as I look online and see what other churches around the world are creating on their websites to promote their Easter services. Some churches have special productions, others have the services you would expect at Easter. I’m always blown away by the strategy, creativity and work that communication peeps, designers, videographers put into crafting a great web experience and his year is no different. Continue Reading…

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The transition towards responsive design in the church web world is well and truly underway. In my recent post, ‘Why your church needs to update its website in 2013‘ I shared the reasons why you need to get moving on updating your website. I’m seeing new sites come online weekly. We are in fact in the middle of our own website redesign at Crossway Church using the responsive design philosophy. Church website design will always move with the times. This is just the latest chapter. Continue Reading…