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Creating Easter videos for church is such a challenge and joy. Crossway’s Easter presentation this year is called ‘RED’. Our challenge was to create a trailer that will invoke interest and preview the essence of the Easter story from the presentation. For some, Easter is a heavy and for somber time. We wanted to catch the gravitas and drama of the time without it being depressing or overbearing.

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Easter is a very special time of year for Christians like myself. I’m also filled with awe as I look online and see what other churches around the world are creating on their websites to promote their Easter services. Some churches have special productions, others have the services you would expect at Easter. I’m always blown away by the strategy, creativity and work that communication peeps, designers, videographers put into crafting a great web experience and his year is no different. Continue Reading…

Easter 2011 is swiftly approaching. I’ve been doing an on-line review of what churches are doing both on Good Friday and Easter Sunday in their services.

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Find Out What Churches Are Doing Around The World For Easter

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Recycling Easter

Steven Fogg —  March 10, 2010 — Leave a comment

Easter is the most sacred, most poignant and pivotal event of the Christian calendar. Easter celebrates the core message of the Gospel. That Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected

Like most churches, it’s a very strategic time as we use our Good Friday Easter service as an outreach service. We all invite our friends, co workers, families to church (and they actually say yes. WOOT! Sorry. Just excited.) It is also one of the most resource intensive times of our year at Crossway. We go all out, no creative stone is left unturned to present the timeless Easter message in a timely way.


However this year, we are doing something even more radical, untried, untested.


We are recycling Easter.


You can catch the rest of this guest post on the brilliant Planning Easter Website.