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One of the reasons I’ve written this post is the amount of misinformation out there regarding how to be successful on social media. I have seen too often churches, para-churches, non-profits and business fall into this trap. I hope this post helps you and demythologises (wow big word!) some of the most common social media myths around! Continue Reading…

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Yesterday a Google+ engineer mistakenly hit the wrong buttons on his keyboard in a message that was meant for Google staff ended up being posted to his Google+ page (Check out the full post here). I don’t know about you but there have been times when I have typed a response on email to something I didn’t like but after the initial vent I have deleted the email and approached the person directly. Phew! (By the way come and say hello on my google+ page).

Here are 5 PR lessons I think we can all learn out of this: Continue Reading…

Church and Google+

Steven Fogg —  August 2, 2011 — 4 Comments

Do you think Google+ can help churches?

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Post which includes brilliant video on how to use Google Adwords to reach your audience

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At the 2009 Hillsong Conference, Pastor Joel Osteen from Lakewood Church held up his bible and asked the audience to lift up their Bibles and repeat after him.

"This is maaa bible…” Many of you may well know the rest.


Instead of heavy leather cased bibles being lifted up, the darkened stadium of 20,000+ was lit up by thousands of small screens. The audience had lifted up their Bible of choice – their mobile phone.

This was strong indication that everything had changed. The mobile revolution was well and truely underway.


In the last decade TV was predicted to be the place of convergence. Apple released Apple TV, Microsoft did the same. But it has never really taken off.  They all got it wrong. TV isn’t going to the first place of convergence.


It’s your mobile phone.


(Google got it. Why do you think they aren't building computers, but are building a phone?)

The mobile phone is becoming the No.1 communication channel to access social media, for personal phone usage and to access the internet. (It’s inevitable that the next stop on this revolution will be free to air TV.)


Why is it important?


Because when a person is making a decision to buy a product, or go to your church where do you think they are going to check you out? On their phone.


If your primary audience can't google you on their phone. You've probably lost them already.

The burning question is for your church or organisation – are you there yet?

You better get there quick. Your primary target audience is already there. They are already:

1. Paying their bills

2. Banking

3. Shopping

4. Talking

5. Creating/editing sending videos

6. Playing games

7. Accessing Facebook

8. Watching videos on Youtube

9. Twittering

10. Buying, recording & listening to music

11. Checking out real estate

12. Reading the paper

Again – is your church or organisation there yet? Are you going to get left behind?

Some churches that I know of have got it. They realise that the next generation is a mobile generation. They get it and are there.


The burning question for the rest of us is – when will we be there?



Find a link to many of the churches in Australia that I know of.

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