I'm bombarded by so much mail. It comes on so many different ways. In the post. Via email. On the phone. Even on twitter. My mind-set is now set to 'off' every time I receive something I didn't ask for. Whatever it is gets deleted or thrown in the rubbish bin without even being looked at.

Now I think I know why. 

I'm being bombarded by people and organisations who think that the mail experience should be transactional by nature and what they offer is going to hold my attention. They offer buy one get one free, X% off – you get the drift. Every time the 'you've got mail' sign comes up on my email or I remove the mail from the actual letterbox in our driveway I already know what's coming. Nothing special, nothing that is going to change my world for the better.

Junk mailers, wanna turn my off switch on? Add value to my world. Know who you are talking to and do something that helps me do what I do or be who I am. Then maybe I may just click open instead of delete, open the mail or pick up the phone.

For those of us in church communications we often do the same thing without knowing it. We offer an event or an experience, We may lead on an early bird price or assume that they'll just want to come if we tell them about it, rather than show people how we can help them with who they are, or in what they do. We switch people off, instead of on.

Be different today. Help someone become something more than they thought they could ever be when they first opened their eyes in this morning.