McDonalds have scored a huge own goal by aligning their brand to Masterchef.

A basic drill every communicator learns at Communications Boot Camp is your brand must fulfill the promise your brand is offering in any advertising.

Consumers are too smart to have the wool pulled over their eyes. The belief gap is too big to jump and McDonalds have fallen to their brand fate.

We all know that Macca's is known for fast food. Need a burger and fries fix. Go to Macca's. MasterChef is known for finding the best, innovative Chef cooking the best restaurant quality food.

See the huge gap? I don't know what media guru hooked up the two together but they have just got it plain wrong. We may watch the show but McDonalds we don't believe you. Even with your new premium Angus burger, which I have eaten. It was nice, filled the hunger pain, but certainly in the same league as what is cooked on MasterChef. You leave that show salivating wanting to hit the kitchen and 'plate up' a super meal.

Yes their campaign was supposed to be fun. But beyond the loose connection some of the segments in the show they simply didn't deliver.

Don't take my word for it. Check out the MasterChef forum which for some reason has been well, deleted. But thanks to those super sleuths at Google and their cache, you can find what people think.