Who is your primary audience in your communication?

a) Those who attend your church; or/and

b) Those that you want to attend your church.

If you aim at everything, you'll hit nothing. 

Again. Who are you aiming for?

Or to put it in church friendly language – what is your mission? Most churches I know have 'making disciples of Jesus' or something like that. If mission is clear and simple why isn't the primary target of church communications?

Are those who are your focused on as your primary mission, your primary audience? 

A simple way to measure whether your primary audience is really those within your church or outside your church is to get a friend who doesn't attend your church to read your website and see if they understand everything they see and read. Or invite them to attend on a Sunday and see what they hear and see and see if it all makes sense. 

You'll quickly find out what is insider focused and what is outsider friendly.