Top ten (in DJ voice over) coming in at number 1 is…

  1. Twitter: 101: This should be every Youth Pastor's and Communications peep's friend.
  2. Facebook: Create your church community connection point/marketplace. We have.
  3. Youtube: DIY online video distribution. You can literally broadcast yourself. We did.
  4. Vimeo: Another DIY online video distribution tool. I prefer this to youtube.
  5. Wufoo forms: As they say, making forms easy, fast and fun.
  6. Blogger: Create your church homepage today for FREE.
  7. Gmail: Connect anytime, anywhere.
  8. Google Calendar: Whats on and when. 
  9. Google maps: Where you are and how to get there.
  10. iTunes: While not strictly online, you can post your churches sermon every week.

As well as being free, these tools allow anyone (who has a spotty techie, geeky teenager) to set up a church website today. What are you waiting for?