– We are leading in furious times & in a new reality.
– how do we navigate through economic Rogue waves?
– Rogue waves draw something out of us that calm seas never will.
– be the church to be each other no matter what. Be an Acts 2 church. Give where needed.
– We need to live out the first century church in the 21st century.
– nobody is coming to church looking for a mild dose of God
– many pastors would work with souls rather than spreadsheets.
– cash reserves give leaders time to work out what to do next.
– how do you make budget priorities during these times.
– During an economic downturn people are humble and open to teaching about how to handle money.
– God does great work through people who are totally sold out to Him.
– The pace at which we do the work of God has the potential to destroy the work of God in us. Rogue waves can wipe us out.
– whenever we are in rogue wave situation the best thing we can bring is a filled bucket and time with God.
– What do my followers, volunteers, collegues & family see in what I bring?
God is not done doing great things in our day.

Bill Hybels: leading in a new reality @The_GLS