I'm at the Global Leadership Summit today. Willow Creek just know how to put on a good conference. The sense of anticipation of what wisdom and insight that will come out it is rising in my spirit.

Having been to 2 previously I know it is going to be good. They always over deliver over and above my expectations.

To add a positive personal element to it one our staff members here at Crossway wrote the score to the opening video/creative element "Choir Planet". Jay, take a bow mate. The sneak peek that I saw was just incredible.

Having heard the score in development and hearing from Jay the worldwide preparation and organisation required how they got to deliver the item demonstrated to me that team work can work on a world scale if the plan is clear and the goal is focussed.

(The only downer is that we get to see it on large screens on DVD. I'd love to see it live… But after a while you don't really notice the DVD.)