We've been reviewing different Church Management Systems (ChMS) over the last year to upgrade our current database because our existing database wasn't meeting all of the functionality that was being set for the future.

This series of blog posts is a bit of a inside peek on my journey and the lessons I learnt.

I thought I would start with an overview of how we came to our conclusion and the product we are in the process of implementing right now.

Selection Methodology. Our research and decision thought through the following grid:

1) The brief: What do we need to do?

2) Discovery: What are our existing needs and future needs?

3) The search: Options. There are many different ChMS around. We looked at different 'oranges', and tossed out the lemons. And yes there were a few zesty lemons out there.

4) Review and shortlist: Which is the best ChMS fit? Will the ChMS answer the brief? Will it meet existing and future needs. Lemon tossing time. And also some orange tossing too.

5) Recommendations: Which is the closest glove to our hand.