My local paper, the Herald Sun recently reported that the Salvation Army had set up a stand at a local porn industry show called Sexpo.

The Salvos say that they are going to offer a Christian view of sexuality. They won't be condemning those who are there. They are using materials developed by XXXChurch called Jesus loves porn stars. It contains stories from those in the sex industry and a contemporary translation of the Gospel of John.

They are prepared to do what no other church is prepared to do at least that I'm aware of in Australia. Positively engage in unfamiliar, and I dare say uncomfortable territory. For the Salvos, it's not an issue of sexuality, but an issue of justice. They are sending their Social Justice Director, not their fiercest preacher.

I for one applaud you Salvos. Great innovative vision & strategy.

They are using innovative ways to communicate to those that no one is reaching.

It seems that I'm not the only one who think they are doing a good thing. The readers of the Herald Sun thought it was appropriate venue for them to preach at being there 68% yes 31% no. That has to be a first. The general public are overwhelming in favour of a church being there.

Makes me ask the question. Again. 

What innovative ways is my church communicating to those that no one is reaching.