What is the No.1 communications killer?

It is really simple.

Are you ready?

Are you sitting down? Brace yourself.

It's You.

That's right.


Why? The moment you think you've got communications all figured out is the most likely moment that you kill your communications effectiveness.

It's happened to me. 

To put it another way, when you communicate out of memory or habit you kill any inspired, creative, original communication opportunity that could of, or should of been born and just may of been the communication piece that reached someone you had never reached before.

Familiarity breeds contempt. Contempt kills communications.

How do you defeat the familiar, the easy 'I can do this in my sleep' communications? 

Get out of your comfort zone. Stretch yourself. Be yourself. Take a walk. Take a risk.

Try something creatively you've never done before.

Ask people who you know will challenge what you think. Or those you know will disagree with you.

What communication killers have you seen? Is this the No. 1 communication killer for you?