Improvement #1 Be original. There are a thousand churches out there who want to be like the bigger and better church up the road. Why become a wannabe?

Improvement #2 Be teachable. Learn from others. But don't be lazy or become comfortable. You'll kill your communications this way.

Improvement #3 Be yourself. There is not another church like your church in the whole world. Be true to yourself and represent your church truthfully and authentically.

Improvement #4 Be sociable. Whether you like them or not. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and other social media sites are dominating people's leisure time. These stats speak for themselves. Check out this great video which sums it up well.

Improvement #5  Be clear and simple. At times I've been too clever by half in my creative execution or communications and people didn't get the point. Be clear. Be simple. Your community mostly expects honest & authentic communication. 

Improvement #6 Be mobile. Mobile and online media is converging at a rapid rate and becoming the reference point for every young person or young adult. 

Improvement #7 Be listening to what your audience is saying about you. It's not about what you think you are saying but what they are saying about you that counts.

What improvements would you suggest that would add value for others?