Commandment No 1: Thy Shall Know Thy Audience

Whether you are a church leader, preacher, communicator or business leader you need to get this. You need know what your primary audience is thinking/feeling.

Do you know your audience? Especially the audience you haven't reached. Yet.

Below is an insight into what Australians are thinking about spiritual and faith issues this Christmas (American research is here). For some of you, the results will be surprising as the word on the street was that Australia is a secular society (Tip #1 never believe truth's without hard data). 

The following insights were identified:

  1. Belief for most Australians is about values far more than devotion. It's belief without belonging.
  2. 50% say religion is important or very important in their lives.
  3. 68% believe in God.
  4. 53% believe in life after death.
  5. 56% believe in heaven.
  6. 38% think Hell exists.
  7. 37% think the devil exists.
  8. 51% think that angels exist.
  9. 63% believe in miracles.
  10. 6% disbelieve in God.
  11. Many non-believers still identify themselves as Christian by background.
  12. Many doubt the Bible is the actual word of God (61%)
  13. Those who do believe it is God inspired don't regard it word for word literally true. (27%)
  14. A core 21% believe that there is only one way to interpret the teachings.
  15. Australian men are sceptics, women are the true believers (4 women for 3 men believe)
  16. 63% women believe in angels compared to 37% men.
  17. 74% women believe in miracles compared to 52% men.
  18. 64% women believe in heaven compared to 52% men.
  19. 59% women believe in ESP compared to 39% men.
  20. 30% women believe there is life after death compared to 38% men.
  21. 27% women believe that God created the world compared to 18% men.
  22. 40% women believe that God wrote the Bible compared to 28% men.
  23. 25% women believe that the Bible is literally true compared to 30% men.
  24. A third of atheists, agnostics and doubters have turned their back on God, but not on magic.
  25. 23% believe that God created life at a stroke 10,000 years ago. 32% believe that he guided it over a long process of time. 38% believe Genesis and 47% favour the God of design.
  26. 94% of Christians believe Jesus was a real person.
  27. 91% believe he was the son of God.
  28. Only 72% think Mary was a virgin. Perhaps why this ad came up.

What do you think? What do you believe?