Your great ideas don't matter – unless you are able to execute them well.

I've seen great, brilliant ideas that conceptually were outstanding. But they were executed poorly and failed.

Take Apple for instance. The Newton. It was light years ahead of it's time. A great idea if ever there was one. But technology and the market wasn't really ready. It failed. The PDA platform hadn't been invented. Their category killer for which they are now famous for had no category to kill.

They have learnt from that mistake. They've had a over-hyped Tablet in development for some years. But have felt that the market and the product wasn't quite ready. Given the iPhone success they feel the market is ready and they obviously feel like their idea is right.

Do you have a killer idea? Is your target market ready for it? Do you have the resources and the talent to execute it well?

Footnote: All was not lost with Apple's Newton. The team that developed the software for it set up their own business which developed the software for the iPod.

Props to Douglas Karr for his blog.

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Photo: Blake Patterson.