Sorry. The truth is there is no silver bullet.

There is no – ONE blog post/book/design that if you "pulled the trigger" & just imitated what they did that will guarantee that you hit your intended communications target.

Yet we all seek it out. Don't we?

Be honest. That is why some you clicked on this post.

I am guilty of (as I'm sure you are too) thinking that if I only "pull the trigger" on this project like Kem, Shawn, Seth, Michael, Tony, Dawn, ChMS, or Steve did or would then I'm almost guaranteed to hit the target that I/my church needs.

Sorry. The truth is there is no silver bullet. No. One. Thing.

As communicators, what we do requires hard work and committment. It takes time and lots of energy.

This post is for those of you, [who like me] who have wished that silver bullet existed because you feel like giving up. You have lost any inspiration and the task at hand feels like it is only 100% perspiration. Grind.

I would say to you, don't give up. Do something different. Get inspired and come back the grind. Read other blogs for words of wisdom. Read the best books by your peers before you return to that blank canvas, notepad or empty computer screen with the blinking cursor.

So what are you waiting for?

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