In case you've been on Mars for the last year and have had no contact with any human being let me fill you in. Apple will be releasing 'something' next week. They won't tell us what it is. But it seems that the Internet is abuzz with excitement, anticipation, desire, utter boredom. Whatever mostly positive or sometimes negative opinion, its out there.

So how does Apple do it? How can a company that essentially sells retail electronic goods generate so much worldwide positive free publicity that doesn't cost them one red cent, which then translates into massive sales?

1) Apple creates buzz through selective leaking to key influencers/opinion leaders who then blog or report on it. They don't tell them the whole story. Just enough to whet the appetite. 

2) These reports/blogs are passed at the speed of light by word of mouth through social media or through Mac evangelists.

3) Which drives anticipation and desire. Because Apple has previously created outstanding products, the consumer anticipates the same again.

4) Apple keeps it's promises. When the new product arrives it surpasses all expectations. Again. The consumer trusts Apple. Again. This extends the desire and anticipation for the next time they launch a product.

So what can church leaders learn from Apple?

1) Meet with the key influencers/leaders in your church before significant events/projects and share your vision. Your vision needs to be highly compelling to create the buzz necessary for the next step.

2) Your key leaders will create the buzz around the people they influence or lead.

3) By creating a great experience/campaign you will drive anticipation for the next one because people always hungry for more of the same.

4) Keep your promises. When the new campaign/experience begins it better live up to the vision you promoted. Because the success of next campaign/experience after this one may depend on it.

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