Last week Apple released it's long anticipated, much hyped, much blogged about –  iPad.

With the iPad launch, Apple moved from clear and simple, tangible, measurable benefits [in a short sharp sentence], to creating a verbose, vague, hyperbolic sentence.

Did Apple get it wrong? Let's find out what the State of the Slate really is.

Headlines Apple have previously used:

1) iPod – 'A thousand songs in your pocket.' (Tangible, measurable, benefit)

2) Launch of the Air, 'The thinnest laptop in the world: Thinnovation' (Tangible, measurable, benefit)

3) Launch of the iPhone 3GS: 'The fastest most powerful iPhone yet.' (Tangible, measurable, benefit)

Contrast this with:

4) iPad – 'Our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.'

Let's break this down:

It's verbose – 14 words to describe what they are offering. Contrast that with 6 or 7 words previously.

It uses hyperbolic words - Magical, revolutionary and unbelievable. Harry Potter might be magical, but the iPad is just an oversized iPod touch with less features. 

Revolutionary? iPod, iPhone was breakthrough. iPad is incrementalism at best.

Unbelievable price, subtitled cheap and is same price as the Kindle.

It's vague – Advanced technology and device. Get specific. Is it a tablet? Why is it advanced?

Overall – Apple has promised more than they can deliver.

Lessons For Church Communicators:

1) You may be the sharpest communicator around, but it only takes one bad campaign to for your communications mojo to gogo. Stay sharp. Ask trustworthy people you know will give you honest feedback to review what you are going to communicate before you go live.

2) Get tangible, get specific on what you what you are envisioning/offering. Don't use hyperbolic language that promises more than you can ever keep. Don't be vague.

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