Church Communication (& Leadership) Lessons From The Dancing Guy

You've probably seen this video (See below). The video give some excellent leadership lessons, but I think there is also some lessons to be learnt from a communications perspective.

1) He has changed behaviour not by broadcasting a message 'everyone should dance' but by just doing it. Communication is often done in a way that says 'do this' rather than 'do this with me'. If you lead by example there will be a far higher response to your communication. If you are a church leader communicate by demonstrating someone who has gone before.

2) The second guy will move more people forward into their 'next step' than the first guy. When you are trying lift a value or help a person take a next step, its not always ideal to showcase the leader. Not everyone can identify with that person, but they can all probably identify with the first follower and would love to hear how they caught the vision and how their participation changed their life. 

3) Have a strategy in place just in case you have an overwhelming response to your promotion. The lone nut probably didn't expect this kind of response. Imagine if he said only 20 of you can dance. The movement would of been squashed. What plans do you have in place to cope with an overwhelming response to your promotion? Are you flexible and adaptable?

When have you been that lone first nut? When have been part of the crowd or that second or third follower?

What happened to you? How did it change your life?