Every wanted to helicopter up and get an overview of the internet?

I'm not talking about looking out of idle curiosity. But rather if you are like me you have limited resources and you need to know where you strategically invest your dollar. You need to know what's on the up and up. What's sliding down the innovation ladder.

Find out who's who. The big cheeses, The big fish, who the real influencers are. Social Media. News. Retail. You name it. It's here.

Find out the whales are. The billionaires, millionaires. You won't of heard of many of them.

Find out which countries are the earliest adopters.

Find out how the internet works. Do you know many users there are? How many emails were sent today? How many blogs were posted today? How many times Google was searched today?

I found out. It's brilliant.

After you read it. Would you make changes to your online strategy?