There was a very interesting tweet from @dawnnicole last week. (Dawn is the brand Jedi Master from AspireOne.)

She asked the question: Top skills 4 ur job? Below are some of the insights from fellow Jedi communicators.

curiosity about others, 
self awareness
ability to edit down to bare essential

Voracious Appetite 4 Learning. > personal skills < less tech.

passionate advocacy for the people our churches are communicating with (or trying to)…seeing things through their eyes

ability to see org thru 1st timer's eye & 2 adapt 2 vision altitudes: ground level, 10K ft, 30K ft.

@stevefogg (I'm a Padawan by the way with the beginner's light saber)
ability to read in between the lines/subtitles of life.
ability 2 influence
project mgmt
holy spirit
'outside in vision', always looking thru the lense of someone who has never been to church b4. (Churches often op insideout)

What do you think? What are the top skills for your job? Comment below and join the conversation.

P.S. Dawn awarded a gold star to Lori, I think Lori's an apple for the teacher kinda gal anyway. Lori, I think that makes you like an Obi-Wan Jedi Knight.