Church Marketing Myth No. 5: What works for one church will work at all churches

Lori Bailey's myth: "If it worked there, it will work here." Don't just copy the latest craze. Figure out what is best for your community.

Annie Laurie's myth "What works for one church will work at all churches."

Michael Buckingham's myth: "If it works for them, it'll work for us." Marketing is a personal thing. It has to match who you are and what you are doing. There are no shortcuts by ripping off the latest movie, tv show or neighboring church. God created you to be creative, embrace it.

Steven Fogg's myth: "Copy the largest church in town because whatever they are doing must be working." Bigger isn't always better. Even if it is works for the mega church, the community they are influencing is probably different. God didn't intend for your church to be a carbon copy. He intended it to be original for a reason. So you can reach your community with authenticity.

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