Church Marketing Myth No. 6: If it's hip, it works.

JeffPelletier: One of the most common myth's is cultural relevance is the best way 2 reach unbelievers. IMO, simple/clear truth, packaged well, is just as effective!

MercerOnChurch: myth – "ultra cool, dress down, have rocking music, the unchurched will come". Fact – this attracts Christians not unchurched.

Hayley Neal: Church marketing myths? ummm… things we think we have to do to be hip? etc???

Curtis Simmons: Myths? No need to mimic pop culture to try & draw people in, just preach the Gospel in simple, relevant terms, like Matt Chandler

Rusty Akers: If I think its really, really cool. the un-churched will think that to…

Anthony Ianniciello: That the gospel is not relevant (enough), and that we need to add pop culture to make it relevant

Stefan Hänsch: Myth? only way to attract people 2 church is to (badly) copy whatever is popular in secular culture & try to put a christian spin on it.

Steve Fogg: Myth? Make it hip (for hip's sake) and everyone will want to come. Fact: Being cool for cool sake sucks frankly. However, leverage a people group's culture for the gospel, The Apostle Paul did it throughout Acts. So can we.

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