Do you feel like I do sometimes, stuck in a rut? Creatively, conceptually, written or verbally.

Do you find it hard to think of innovative ways to communicate? To move beyond the obvious?

I know I do.

I saw this tweet from Michael Buckingham check out the brilliant picture above.

Wow, my boy's all grown up.
Here's how he asked out his prom date.

To stand out from the crowd. To cut through the noise of life sometimes we have to change the way we communicate to our intended audience.

It's not surprising that the young lady Michael's son asked out on the prom said yes (smart girl). Maybe because he's a great looking, funny, smart young man. Or maybe its because he got innovative and entreprenurial in his thinking and broke the mold.

4 creative steps to think outside the shell:

  1. Review and measure the effectiveness of your communication. Are people signing up/on?
  2. Is your primary audience's next step clear? Refine and review how it is working.
  3. Are you asking the question the in the same way as everybody else? How can you say it differently?
  4. Brainstorm 'out of the box' ways to communicate the same proposition. Here is one example.
  5. Do it in a medium your audience would never expect. Do your church video news live as a SNL skit for example.

Is your church stuck in a communications rut?

How is your church breaking the mold in its communications?

What innovative techniques are you using to break out the mold?

I'd love to hear what you think.

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