Yo, yo, yo, wassup.


I blogged yesterday how you can get out of the communications rut and tell the same story in an original and imaginative way. (I'm trying to live it out with my blog headlines and the way I write at the moment)

This TV advert for Toyota (below) presents the wagon in a original and imaginative way. (As a parent who owns one, I will now from this day forth call my Toyota bus, my 'swagger wagon') This ad cut through the usual safety, boring people moving advert stereotypes that car companies create. Sure it had lots of product feature shots of the new car, but it made me feel differently about my ride.

It made me:
1) Laugh out loud.
2) B proud of mo swagger wagon rather than think of it as a bus.
3) Imagine myself pimping the bad a$* song with my homies (wife and kids).

Forgive me. The rap lingo is just contagious.

Simply put, Toyota retold the story in a fresh and imaginative way. They got out of the rut.

How are you approaching your communications? Is it in the same way each time? Can you get your creative communications swagger on? that yo mamma can dig?

What would you like to do differently? Drop in a comment and see what happens!

(In lame rap gangsta speak)
Word. This ad is da bomb. Made me wanna get some of that mo of that strategy booty for ma communications crew.

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