I've been I blogging this week about how you can get out of the communications rut by communicating the same proposition in an original and imaginative way.

I started with Teenage Mutant Ninja Communications: Thinking Outside The Shell (Awesome invite)
Followed up by: Does Yo Church Communications Crew Got Creative Swagger? (Brilliant Video)

Just when I thought I'd finished blogging on this subject, my Church IT guy's Outlook email auto-replied (he's on leave) from an email I sent out. If you are like me, you delete auto-replies in about a milli-second. The way Neil wrote his auto-reply however made me stop and read it.

Sure it breaks every corporate style guide rule, but rules are made to be broken when it improves communication right? When you innovate and change the way you communicate people will stop and notice – even when its an auto reply.

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