Say no to:

Promoting everything

The more people see, the less they hear.

Say yes to putting communication priorities in place. They will see and hear more.

Your leaders and peers

Not every idea your leader/peer has is a good idea.

Say yes to leading up. Have the courage to say no. Give a respectful, informed response which will enable your leader/peer to understand why another approach will work better.


Your church has unique DNA. Don’t clone someone else’s.

Say yes to discovering who you are. Hire people who can help.


If you don’t see budding talent or demonstrated experience, don’t place that person into the volunteer position. Mediocrity sucks.

Say yes to budding talent. Cultivate, pour energy and time into helping budding talent grow. Blossoming talent is beautiful and fragrant. Good design matters.


Perfection in your communications/creativity isn’t the goal.

Say yes to delivering effective communication/creativity. Have the ability to measure your effectiveness. Tell others.

Playing it safe

Sometimes the obvious angle isn’t the answer.

Say yes to taking risks. Be prepared to fail. Be prepared also for spectacular success.


What do you want to, or need to say no to?


Do you agree or disagree?


Have you ever said yes to something and regretted it ever since?


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