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I was doing some research on branding and the church and came across this thought provoking article from one of the world's largest branding companies, Interbrand. The question that was posed is 'Does God Need A Rebrand?"

The debate has two points of view: 

1) God is completely irrelevant in today's world.

2) God is not the problem. It's misplaced expectations.

One of the comments cut deep for me. 

The problem lies with the 'marketing staff' not God. The church often misrepresents the brand, failing to communicate God's (the brand's) essence that in and of itself is quite relevant & impacting.

Ouch. This comment reminded me that everything we do and say as Christians is church/God marketing. 

It also made me wonder, what is God's brand essence anyway? Is it everlasting love, grace? Can we even simplify reduce his qualities/characteristics to an irreducible minimum?

What qualities/characteristics do you think God has? 

What qualities/characteristics do our unchurched friends think God has?

Have we (the church) redefined the essence of who He is?

(As the original post said) Argue, bicker, squabble or just give me a piece of your mind. Get commenting.

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