Those that have met me know that I've got an opinion about everything. Especially when it comes to anything around the topic of church communications, I get very outspoken (in an English 'let's have a cup of tea' kinda way). I'm not afraid to tell it like it is. What works, doesn't work. What sucks, what blows my mind.

It is my firm conviction that what I do amplifies the mission of the church I serve in and the cause of Jesus Christ.

Can you imagine if the some of the sharpest and visionary minds in the church communications world got together a gave one single thought that would help your church communicate better? The dream is now a reality. Outspoken is here.

I'm also thrilled that I'm going to be one of the 50 or so authors who are going to sharing a thought. I'm feeling very much like a minnow in a pool of big fish. There are some heavy hitting authors in on the project such as Leonard Sweet, Jon Acuff from Stuff Christians Like and other luminaries of the church communications world.

Tim Schraeder, Creative Communications Director at Park Community Church in Chicago, USA is the architect of the project. Follow the Twitter feed or Like it on Facebook and get the very latest goss on release dates, timings etc.

So how about you – what are you outspoken about?

If you had one thought that further the cause of Jesus through communications what would it be? (under 400 words) Comment below! Or leave your email address in the comments and I'll email you so you can email it to me.

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