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I’m very honoured to announce that I’m the Regional Network Coordinator for the Centre For Church Communication of… Asia? Australia? Melbourne?

I’m the only one I know in Asia so far so I’ll take Asia as my region. For now. (How about that for a power grab? If I can’t take Asia then I’ll take Australia and New Zealand, I doubt anyone will every try and take me on for New Zealand because they’ve probably never heard of it and really it’s only full of sheep and hobbits anyway.)

Seriously though, what does that mean for you? If you are in serving in a church or volunteering in a church and you are involved somehow in communications or creative development I’d love to connect with you and find out more about what you do. Drop me a line on Twitter or on Facebook or leave a comment with your contact email below.

You may never of heard of the Centre For Church Communication, but you may have heard of Church Marketing Sucks. (CFCC is the alter ego (straight guy) of Church Marketing Sucks. Some may go as far as to say Godfather, shadowy puppet master, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Spectre, but I’ll leave you to make that decision.)

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