At Crossway we’ve been developing (themed/topical) sermon series for just over two years now. Here’s the thing. I want to give one copy of our Sermon Series Resource Kits away each week.

Over the next month I’ll be posting up the different sermon series and one person per week will receive the full sermon series resource kit which includes:

  1. Video promo of the sermon series.
  2. Graphic still of the branding for your auditorium.
  3. Web graphic of the branding.
  4. Transcripts of the four sermons.
  5. MP3 of the sermons from Crossway.

Interested? This week’s give-away is so cool. It’s called ‘Lessons from the Dark Side’. (synopsis: What we can learn from the darker characters of the Old Testament that will propel us towards living a life Jesus would want us to live)

You can watch the promo/trailer video here.

Complete these two simple steps and it could be yours:

1) Retweet this message or post it to your Facebook page: @Stevefogg is giving away sermon series resources on his blog http://bit.ly/akMAxn

2) Leave a comment below including your Twitter handle or Facebook link so I can contact you if you are the winner. It would be great to hear from you on how it could help you in what you do.

I’ll be announcing the winner on late Saturday 22nd August 2010 on this post (EST Australia Time).

***********CONGRATULATIONS TO Steve Kryger @communic8jesus********* selected by random.org

The Sermon Series Resource Kits usually retail for $135.00 (Australian Dollars). If you are not the person selected in the random pick and are still interested the kits are discounted down to $50.00 until 29th August 2010 on this blog only (Drop a comment below if you are interested and I’ll email you a form).

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