If you are involved in the creative or communications world you've probably been involved in brainstorming sessions to generate ideas/fresh angles on ideas.

Here is a fresh take on getting the best out of brainstorming. It's a great article from PSYBlog called 'Brainstorming Reloaded'. My main takeaways were:

  1. Don't expect great results from ideas generated in the room. (I've experienced this)
  2. The best results are when people come to the brainstorm with ideas.
  3. People who have participated in the creative stage are likely to be more motivated to carry out the group's decision.
  4. The brainstorming groups natural talent is the evaluation of ideas rather than the generation.

Killer soundbite summary: Brainstorming groups aren't where ideas are born, but where they come to sink or swim.

What has worked/hasn't worked for you when you have brainstormed? Do you agree or disagree with this fresh angle about brainstorming?

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