I don't claim to be a guru at social media, but I'm constantly looking to learn what the best practices are as Facebook is an evolving communications channel for my church. I especially liked the advice the best blogger in the world gave churches about improving their social media presence. I learnt so much from him and used his advice to build Crossway's custom Facebook page and blogged how your church can do the same. I've also posted on how Saddleback trains its congregations to use social media (Really good stuff). I've also talked about what I wish I knew about social media before I started. There are nine very practical tips in that post if you are starting out or have recently started. 

Another really great blog article that I saw this week is the best of the best 10 Facebook pages. There is some stunning work here. I'd highly recommend you take some time to soak it in. I have. Here are 10 best practice tips which I'll be looking at implementing:

1) Stick to one BIG call to action when they first visit your page. Get the user to like your page.

2) Incorporate video or images to stand out from the usual Facebook pages.

3) Think of creative ways to get people to visit your church.

4) Consider including a contact button so people can connect with you.

5) Keep your fans inside Facebook as much as possible.

6) If you are creating content, make it easy to spread and where possible make it fun! Your content may spread virally as a result.

7) Ask your fans to share something about themselves or get their opinion.and feedback.

8) Think of different ways to get your fans to interact with you.

9) Start some discussion streams to get people talking.

10) Incorporate Facebook stories into your page.

I'm sure these aren't the only best practice tips out there. Do you have any tips you want to share? Comment below and share your tips.

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