At Crossway we have thousands of people checking out our church website every month. Thanks to Google Analytics we know where they live, what browsers they use, how long they were on the site and which pages they visit the most. It is most helpful in making decisions about which page gets to go where on the site.

I'm really excited because a new analytics kids is on the block. is (nearly) here. It offers way more features than Google Analytics from what I've seen in the demo video (for a very small cost).

I'm even more excited, not because its a tech tool, but because it will help me do my job better. I will know what is important to them, rather than what I think is important to them. 

That my friends has got to be good.

What do you use to track people? What data would you like to know about your visitors?

Church Analytics Preview from 8BIT Network on Vimeo.