Sunny is one of the twin daughters of doting parents, Jay and Helena Mcneill (Up until very recently I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jay. If you don’t know Jay you have probably heard his incredible music at the Willow Creek Conference. Jay has been writing the music for the conference opener for a while. He is brilliant artist and a brilliant bloke).

Sunny is a gorgeous 5 year old girl with severe cerebral palsy. She has a fighting spirit and a smile that breaks open your heart. But she can’t sit, stand or walk by herself, or speak (You can find out more about Sunny here).

She needs our help. Sunny needs help with:

1) A specially modified car so she can travel with a wheelchair with the rest of the family.

2) A computer to help her talk and help her communicate with her family and friends.

3) A wheelchair to help keep her body straight.

4) A second skin to help her posture and also practice walking and sitting. (The full list in detail is here)

When I read this list for the first time I realised these things are what I take for granted. The financial support and help that Sunny needs comes at massive cost which is beyond the financial capacity of her immediate family. Especially a family that has served the church for most of their life. Sunny needs constant support and the help of technology and aids just to do the simplest of things.

You help make her reach her full potential by donating here (FYI: Jay and Helena have wisely set up external accountable audit process).