Last week I blogged about the cost of clutter. This week I want to help you de-clutter your communications message before it ever reaches your audience.

Whenever an advertising agency or design firm takes on a new project they always create a creative brief before they start any creative work (I worked in an a design and agency environment for 16 years before coming on staff at Crossway). They do this so that both the client and the agency have a clear understanding before the creative work starts what exactly the communication is trying to acheive and what they want the consumer to do.

In short, a creative brief will help you sharpen and clarify the main point of the your message. This will help your communication piece become much more effective.

In a world full of fuzzy and cluttered advertising a sharp, clear message cuts through when other adverts just become part of the noise.

I've taken a creative brief that I use (which I've updated for church). You can download it here (word doc). It's editable so you can start straight away.

After the jump, would you add anything to the brief? Comment below.

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