We’ve lived in a world that has gone from a 24 hour news cycle to an hourly news cycle that has been ravenous for content to fill specialised news channels.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that the hourly news cycle and has been replaced with the hourly opinion cycle.

Many news outlets have subtly (and not so subtly) shifted beyond reporting the news, to broadcasting opinion pieces in the news.

This is potentially a big deal for your church. How the ‘media’ perceives your church or key spokesperson no longer will rely just on news reporting, but on opinion pieces.

The recent Rob Bell interview with Martin Bashir is a great example. Martin is clearly letting his opinions lead his questioning – which makes for a much more aggressive and combative style of interview.

While you may not have an issue yet that is 'opinion-worthy' (not news worthy). It will come.

What are you doing to train yourself to manage the media when it comes knocking? Comment below