Easter 2011 is swiftly approaching. I’ve been doing an on-line review of what churches are doing both on Good Friday and Easter Sunday in their services.

Below are what I’ve seen so far. If your church is doing something at Easter, drop a comment below with a link to the page on your website so we can all have a look!

A couple of things to note. If you have special services, ensure you have a button someone can click through with dates and times AND a link to your location. I’ve been amazed at the lack of detail on some churches I’ve visited. Easter is a peak time for occasional visitors and they don’t know what you know about your church.

Saddleback Church –  The Greatest Rescue video

Elevation Church – 3D Easter ‘There’s more to see in 3-D’

Willow Creek Church

Northpoint Community Church – Easter Weekend

Community Christian Church – Hero God

Hillsong Church – This is love. (My favourite branding so far)

Mosiac LA – Wonder

Oak Hills – The day God rocked the cemetery

Menlo Park – Celebrate Easter

Church On The Move – Death In His Grave

Eastside Christian Church – Easter @ Eastside

The Orchard – All Things New (My favourite church brand)

Mars Hill Seattle – Good Friday Film, Who killed God. Easter celebration (Sunday)

Granger Community Church – Good Friday, Easter Sunday

Newspring Church – Not really sure what their branding is, but you can ‘get your tickets’

Harvest Church – The Heart of Easter

Church by the Bridge – Dead Alive!

Riverview Church – Forsaken / Freedom

Bridge Church

Faith Christian Church – A story of Redemption

Holy Trinity Brompton

Crossway Church, Melbourne (my church) – The Table

Your church’s Easter services not here? Drop a comment and a link below.