If you have been under a rock in Australia you may of missed the ACL’s (Australian Christian Lobby) leader Jim Wallace tweet on Anzac day.

Just hope that as we remember Servicemen and women today we remember the Australia they fought for – wasn’t gay marriage and Islamic!

Jim later retracted his tweet (& deleted it) after a backlash:

Ok you are right my apologies this was the wrong context to raise these issues. ANZACs mean to much to me to demean this day, not intended

This post isn’t about what you or I think of Jim or what he said, but to highlight the power and potential every Christian leader has to damage their own reputation through the limitations of the medium they are communicating in.

It takes years to build a reputation and a moment to destroy it.

More to the point here it took 140 characters to destroy or badly damage his reputation with many. It will at least damage the ACL’s reputation with those who are neutrally disposed to the ACL and it’s lobbying. This tweet will no doubt get support from much of the ACL’s core constituency and the usual firestorm and vitriol from those who appose what the ACL lobby for.

You can watch Jim respond on Sunrise TV and his clarification of his remarks in a press release here.

Do you think Jim responded well? Comment below: