I'm really proud to share with you about a new Crossway initiative called We've been dreaming about, planning and working on this idea since mid 2010. (Note: I'm having problems with my hyperlinks on my blog please copy into your browser)

We dreamt about developing a simple on-line tool where we could offer baptism preparation to anyone at Crossway. We still run regular baptism preparation classes at church, but the neat idea about taking it online means that you can do your preparation at a time that fits into your life, rather than a time that only suits ours. is also designed so a group leader can journey through the preparation with a group member making the preparation more community focused at a local level, rather than programmatic at a church wide level.

The site is also smart phone friendly so if you commute by train or bus to work you can do your preparation on the go.

The goal of shifts baptism preparation beyond the traditional ministry philosophy of understanding the why you should be baptised and what the bible says about it. The focus moves beyond this to focusing on preparing you to share your story within God's story with your relational network.

The really neat thing is that we've curated the on-line experience so it isn't only Crossway centric. If you are in leadership at another church that wants to use it, you can. We've written it and shot the videos so it will fit into any environment.

Obviously for all my American friends there is a spelling issue as you say get baptized. We've looked into securing this domain and if we get enough interest we may provide a mirror site with this modification.

As this is a pilot, we'd love your feedback if you are moving through baptism preparation. Drop me a line in the comments section and lets connect.

Thanks to our web development friends Details Communications who crushed a very aggressive deadline to get the project across the line on time.